Trading Terms and Conditions


  • Standard trading terms are 30 days after invoice. (For overdue accounts a monthly surcharge will be made on any amount outstanding. Interest will be charged @ 2% per calendar month – or part thereof.)
  • Payment by cheque, credit card or money order may be accepted prior to delivery of goods.
  • NO C.O.D.


  • Prices quoted are exclusive of GST.
  • Prices are subject to alteration without notice and all materials will be charged at the price ruling on the date of dispatch.
  • Where orders require delivery via a freight company, charges will be added.


  • All orders are subject to freight/postage and packaging charges where applicable.

Product Return Policy

  • WILL NOT be accepted back for credit unless prior arrangements have been made. Claims will not be recognised unless made in writing within 7 days of receipt of purchaser of goods. Claims for damages whether direct or indirect in respect to the goods purchased will not exceed the price of these goods. All goods returned for credit will carry freight and handling charges.
  • A.F.A.H. takes no responsibility for damage/loss of frozen/refrigerated vaccines during transportation of products.
  • There are no returns on vaccine products.
  • No perishable product may be returned.
  • No products that have been delivered and signed for may be returned.
  • Under extreme circumstances where a product delivery can be proven that Allfarm have mis-packed or a wrong product has been delivered and:
    • There is valid proof that can be supported by documentation of Allfarm’s error.
    • The product has not been tamped with.
    • Allfarm has been contacted as soon as possible to sort out the issue, to preserve products with expiring use by dates.

Exclusion of liability

  • A.F.A.H. warrants that the finished products are of a high grade and suitable for any purpose for which they are expressly recommended by A.F.A.H. on the label of the product. No responsibility is accepted in respect of products except as set out above that nothing in this warranty should exclude, restrict or modify any condition, warranty or liability which may at any time be implied by the Trade Practices Act or by State Law.

Condition of sale

  • No property in or title to any of the products shall pass to the buyer until the full price thereof has been duly paid to seller and seller shall have received in cash the full amount thereof. Purchaser assumes all ricks of use and handling where product is not used in accordance with directions given.