All Farm has a wide range of Antibiotic and Antimycoplasma products.
Orders will only be fulfilled when accompanied by a veterinary script.
An account is not needed with us to purchase product this way.

Factory Visitors Policy

With regards to visitors entering the Manufacturing Plant

  • All visitors must report to reception in the office before entering.
  • No farmer that has been in contact with their animal in the last 36 hours may enter the manufacturing plant.
  • If there is a need for persons that do not work at All Farm Animal Health to enter the Manufacturing Plant, that entry is subject to the discretion of the All Farm staff member taking them through the plant.
  • Visitors must adhere to the direction of Staff members and safety signs, including but not limited to; eye protection and ear protection.

Farm Visit Policy

With regards to animal contact

  • The time between farm visits is a minimum of 36 hours for any species.
  • Wearing protective Clothing and footwear that is free and clean of any contaminated organic debris.
    • A change of clothing or disposable coveralls that can be left on site must be carried at all times.
    • Disposable Cotton hat that can be disposed of on premises.
    • Disposable gloves that can be disposed of on premises.
    • Rubber boots, that can be cleaned with water and a scrubbing brush then disinfected after each visit and have a change of shoes that haven’t been contaminated. If wearing leather boots that can’t be left on the property, they must be cleaned before taken off property.
    • Disposable over boots that can be disposed of on premises.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with areas of the property that don’t need your attention.
  • Wash hands prior to and after leaving the property.
  • Clean all equipment that was used thoroughly and make sure it is appropriately decontaminating between visits.
  • Avoid taking your vehicle on the property. However if there is no option, the car has to be cleaned of all organic debris before leaving the property.

A vehicle used for Farm Visits

  • Be clean and hygienic at all times.
  • Have a secure storage for any drugs under S.R. No. 57/2006.
  • Have secure storage for any products that a rep may bring on to premises.
  • Carry adequate means to ensure full ad accurate contemporaneous medical records are able to be completed.
  • Carry sufficient instruments and equipment for a thorough clinical examination.
  • Be capable of being locked and meet the requirements of all government regulations.
  • Provide facilities that allow for the prevention of spread of infectious diseases between patients and premises.
All the above information can be found on the Guidelines for Veterinary Practitioners (Issue Date 2013)